a charity fanzine focusing on the found family and relationships between the friends of the abc from the book/musical les misérables split between the canon june rebellion era and a modern era. it will feature illustration, writing as well as physical merchandise.PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 26TH!

this fanzine is not official with neither the victor hugo novel or the musical by claude-michel schönberg and alain boublil, this is a fanproject and we do not own the mediums in anyway, shape or form. les mis is a public domain.

Planned Schedule for Zine!

Interest checkMarch 20th - April 15th
Applications openApril 20th - May 30th
Email sentJune 5th
First CHeck inJuly 2nd
Second check inAugust 1st
Final check inSeptember 7th
Pre-order periodSeptember 21st - October 26th



Who are the mods for this project?

you can check this question out by clicking our mod button that is also in the carrd!

Is there an age requirement for this zine?

yes, as this zine is rated pg-13 since there may be canonical death and violence, we will not be allowing anyone under the age of 14 to be accepted. however, no NSFW content is allowed in this zine.

Will ships or romantic pairings be featured?

Yes, however, they will not be the main focus. only a few pieces will be ships as we want to focus on the characters and found family aspects this group has.

Who is allowed to be featured?

Bahorel, Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Enjolras, Feuilly, Grantaire, Jehan, Joly, Marius & Lesgle are the offical members. Gavroche, Cosette, musichetta and Éponine are allowed to make minor cameos in a handful of pieces if the idea presents itself.

How many artists/writers/merch artists?

This will depend on the results of the interest check, we would love to have as many as possible but the results will help us announce a total and we will edit and post it here and on social media when applications open.

moderators !

mod zhen/Jehan

Head + Graphics Mod & Social Media Manager (he/they)
Hello! Im jehan (he/they) im a trans-masc writer from bulgaria and the creator of the zine. i live in europe and have been in a few zines including "all year round" (yttd) which i created myself. i have been doing musicals for nine years almost, les mis i only recently got into but knew i had to do a zine for the boys. im a feuilly coded jehan and grantaire fan. i also love horror rpgs and my girlfriend and i currently study international relations/law and theatre at uni!

mod meg

Writing mod (they/them)
hey, i'm meg! i'm a staunch cosette defender and a writer and i like to cry over the potential that was set on fire and lost the second russell crowe was cast in the 2012 movie every day of my life. i've modded and contributed to several zines in the past - i love les amis with my whole heart and am incredibly hyped for this one!

mod téa

shipping + finances mod (they/them)
hello!! i'm téa! i'm a writer, artist, baker, and i run a podcast about a work best left forgotten. i've been a mod for over ten zines and a contributor in many others. i've been a fan of les mis for over a decade and own three copies of the brick. my pride and joy is a multi book edition of les mis from 1906 that i found in the basement of a tiny used bookstore and i absolutely would run back into a fire for it